Dukane Corporation
6135WM (3500 Lumens) Ultra Short Throw HDMI Projector
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Dukane Corporation
Document Camera 107A
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Triumph Board
75" Interactive Flat Panel
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Overhead Projector Transparency Film 

Dry-Lam Transparency Film for Plain Paper Copiers
Produces a crisp black image on a clear background. Presentation visuals are easily made with your plain paper copier. Just insert the transparency film into your copier instead of paper. The copier will place a sharp black image on the clear transparency film for your overhead projector presentation. (8 ½’ x 11” - 100 sheets per box)
Dry-Lam Ink Jet Transparency Film
The ideal material for creating colorful presentations. A special coating on the print side ensures quick drying time and less “bleeding”. Works with virtually any color or monochrome inkjet printer. (8 ½” x 11” - 50 sheets per box)
Dry-Lam Transparency Film for Laser Printers 
Make presentations for your overhead using your laser printer. Our transparency film produces sharp black images on a clear background Works with virtually any monochrome laser printer. (8 ½’ x 11” - 50 sheets per box)
Dry-Lam Write-On Film (also referred to as Acetate Film)
Reusable write on sheets for overhead presentations. Can be wiped clean to use again. Comes in medium weight and heavy weight sheets and rolls in two sizes.
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Oklahoma Sound
007HT PA in Case Attache
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Triumph Board 89" 10-Touch
Oklahoma Sound
PRA-8000 Portable PA System
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3-Way Speakers
3.5mm / Bluetooth Amplifier
Learn how to broadcast image to up to 40 tablets or laptops.
  89" Interactive Triumph Board - Dukane NEC HDMI Projector
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